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EuclidKidsŪ offers a series of games and puzzles that encourage young children to interact with basic and advanced mathematical concepts.

The games engage children's natural, tactile approach to understanding the world around them. Through manipulating puzzles and games, children experience mathematics instead of memorizing formulae and patterns. This tactile approach provides the child with a long-lasting, deep understanding of the mathematical concepts that he or she will later encounter in middle school, high school and college.

EuclidKidsŪ is small family business in New Orleans, LA founded by two independent-school educators who have over 40 years combined experience in mathematics teaching and who have taught all levels of mathematics from preschool to calculus. All of the puzzles and games were designed by us to accomplish specific pedagogical goals. All of our products are safety-tested, made in Vietnam with non-toxic paints and materials.

kid with Binomial Square puzzle   kid with Power of Two puzzle


Binomial Square puzzle insert   Power of Two puzzle insert


Providing pre-kindergarten and kindergarten tools and curriculum that enhance math skills before children are ready to start with workbooks. EuclidKids was founded in New Orleans by two teachers with more than 40 years of experience. We started it out of frustration, as one of the founder's daughters (Allison) was getting ready for kindergarten and had no good materials to learn math. The workbooks for her age were too simple-not much more than counting animals. Allison was also facing a tougher challenge, as she was going into a French school (math is taught differently in the European systems . not unlike the differences between American and Singapore methods).

Ready to learn more? Take a look at a sample curriculum page for the Binomial Square puzzle.

Here's a link to Download the Trading Mat.

We spent a great deal of time studying Montessori and Froebel® tools as well as the latest research on brain development, particularly math development in the critical ages from 3-5. Based on our studies, we developed a curriculum that draws on the best materials on the market (some by EuclidKids, some by others) that:

The Binomial Square puzzle and the Power of Two puzzle are available now for immediate shipment.

Binomial Square puzzle   Power of Two puzzle   using the trading mat